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Askina® Gel

Hydrogel for autolytic debridement 


Askina® Gel is a clear, viscous, sterile hydrogel. Dependant on wound conditions, Askina® Gel rehydrates dry necrotic tissue, to promote debridement in dry wounds, or absorbs wound slough and exudate where a small amount of exudate is present. Askina® Gel maintains a moist wound healing environment conducive to natural healing.


  • Easy to apply, in any position, with one hand
  • Remains in place after application
  • More hydration: donates 40% of its water to the wound (composition: purified water, glycerol, gelling agent, acrylic polymer
  • Crystal clear, provides a more accurate wound assessment
  • A special cannula of the 15g tube allows to reach deeper wounds sinuses, fistulae …
  • Askina®Gel 100g tube allows multiple use on the same patient, duringone week after opening.


Low exuding, sloughy or dry necrotic wounds: venous and arterial leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers andtraumatic wounds.


  • Do not use on patients with known sensitivity to the gel or one of its components
  • Do not use on third degree burns
  • Do not use if tube is damaged or seal is broken
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