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  • When wounds do not heal

    What do you do if you accidentally cut yourself with a knife while cooking? Or scrap your knees when you fall down? Usually, you will clean and cover the wound with a bandage and ignore it. Within a few days, the wound will heal as the body has the mechanism to repair injury. However, in certain cases, it takes longer for a wound to heal. Wounds that do not respond to treatment after four weeks or have not healed in two months are considered chronic.

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  • Innovative solutions and exiting entrepreneurs: B. Braun Accelerator Demo Day

    Melsungen. Innovative ideas can come from all sorts of directions – you just have to confront them with courage and openness. This was impressively underscored by “Demo Day” on Thursday, August 30th when the results of the first round of the B. Braun Accelerators were presented.

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  • B. Braun inaugurates Europe’s most modern production site in Saxony

    Wilsdruff/Melsungen. On September 4th, B. Braun Melsungen AG opened up Europe’s most modern production site for dialyzers with a celebratory inauguration event in Wilsdruff. Dialyzers are filter units for the dialysis of people with chronic kidney failure. With this investment, B. Braun hopes to double its production capacity in Saxony.

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