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System partnership with B. Braun – challenge for benefit

Sophisticated nutrition management may affect many factors that are relevant to the well-being of patients, cost reduction and the reputation of hospitals. As a strategic system partner, B. Braun offers clear nutrition value propositions. Aiming at reducing comorbidities and complications, decreasing the average length of stay and revolving effects, all by improving nutrition management. Thus, collaborating proves to be a beneficial investment. Together with a German partner hospital, we achieved a considerable saving of 500,000 euros per annum.

Interworking starts by assembling Nutrition Support Teams, consisting of physicians, nutritionists, pharmacists, and nursing staff. B. Braun accompanies its partner hospitals in implementing standardized processes to detect and to fight malnutrition. We run workshops and focus on aspects like important guidelines, risk-reduction, discharge management, and coding for the benefit of patients and staff.

Why B. Braun?


Together with our customers, we establish a state-of-the-art nutrition management in each hospital.


By offering enteral and parenteral nutrition products, we support physicians with numerous options to create regimens that are adapted to their patients’ needs.


Benefit from our value-added services and applications, such as discharge management and compounding. B. Braun is a reliable partner, featuring expertise for parenteral nutrition, a full portfolio of sterile starting materials, containers, and disposables for compounding, as well as reliable up-todate information on compatibility based on our EasyComp application.


In close cooperation with the Aesculap Academy we run workshops and trainings.

As a partner of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, we organize worldwide training courses together with the global and local clinical nutrition societies.