micrel MP mlh+

The MP mlh+ Multi Syringe is a simple and reliable syringe driver using 10 to 50 ml standard syringes and that provides infusion therapy for a wide range of applications. It is truly ambulatory with a robust design, trouble-free set up and accurate delivery in ml/hr with bolus option.

A clear informative display giving easy alarm identification with a dual micro-processor construction gives the user confidence in drug delivery applications requiring portability.

The ultra-low battery consumption makes the MP mlh+ Multi Syringe ideal for both homecare and hospital treatments.


  • Uses manufacturer's standard syringes (BD, Terumo, B Braun, Codan) from 10 to 50 ml
  • High precision flow rates in ml/hr (0.1 ml/hr steps) with prevention of inaccurate infusion delivery
  • Event History Log to store and review pump activities
  • Adjustable occlusion settings to match specific drug therapies
  • Anti-tampering features including keypad lock and fixed rate options
  • Lightweight (220g with batteries)
  • Long battery life
  • Configurable options to customize functions and eliminate rate setting errors