Passive disinfection cap

Luer Access Valve Cap with 70% Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) as a disinfectant.


  • Simplified and standardized disinfection technique saves nursing time
  • Easier compliance with disinfection guidelines
  • Passive, continuous disinfection of valve´s top and threads
  • Protection of valve from touch and airborne contamination
  • Valve disinfection compliance is visual and measureable


When twisting the sterile SwabCap® onto the valve the sponge gets compressed, bathing the valve's top and threads in 70 % IPA. Within 30 seconds the cap achieves a near-complete kill of pathogens. The cap remains in place until the next catheter access to protect the valve from touch and airborne contamination. After cap removal the valve is ready for access. Additional disinfection is not necessary!


SwabCap® is intended for use on swabable luer access valves as a cover to protect the luer access valves from potential contamination. The SwabCap® acts as a physical barrier to contamination between line accesses and also serves as a disinfecting cleaner for use prior to line access. SwabCap® will disinfect the valve thirty (30) seconds after application and maintains a disinfected valve surface for up to seven (7) days if not removed.

Additional information

Various studies have confirmed that SwabCap® increased the compliance to the hospitals disinfection protocol, improved key quality indicators, and decreased associated costs. The studies conclude that disinfection caps should be considered as part of best practice protocols and added to the hospitals maintenance bundles.

In the 2014 update of the ‘Strategies to Prevent CLABIs in Acute Care Hospitals‘ the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) has included the recommendation to use an antiseptic-containing hub/ connector cap/port protector to cover connectors. It has graded the quality of evidence for this statement with I (= high quality evidence).