Tetraspan® 6% / 10%

Plasma-adapted HES 130/0.42 for volume therapy

HES 130/0.42 in a physiological electrolyte solution combines the benefits of the modern HES with the proven advantages of a balanced electrolyte solution for a physiological volume therapy


  • Less risk of hyperchloremic acidosis
  • Less development of PONV
  • Rapid and reliable hemodynamic stabilization
  • Fast and complete clearance
  • Suitable for children (Tetraspan® 6%)
  • No accumulation even after high doses and repeated administration


  • Plasma-adapted solution
  • HES 130/0.42/6:1
  • Increased dose limit
  • Presentations: Ecoflac® plus and Ecobag® 500 ml (may differ from country to country)


Information may differ in your country. Before prescribing refer to nationally approved prescribing information.


Treatment of imminent or manifest hypovolaemia and shock