Four divisions anchor B. Braun and complete our healthcare solutions to our products and therapies.

B. Braun´s diverse fields of expertise allow the company to view the healthcare system as a whole and offer healthcare solutions in addition to our products. Our four divisions in Malaysia orientate their products and services towards different medical fields: Hospital Care, Aesculap, B. Braun Avitum and OPM (Out Patient Market). By networking our divisions' knowledge and developing solutions for the healthcare system, we transform products and services into integrated systems.

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Hospital Care

The Hospital Care division provides doctors, healthcare workers, pharmacists and hospital managers with reliable, intelligent solutions for the best possible in-patient treatment, especially in anaesthesia, intensive care, emergency medicine and the general wards.

With efficient concepts and innovative products that fulfill the most stringent quality requirements, Hospital Care has established itself as one of the leading partners in clinical treatment.

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B. Braun Avitum

B. Braun Avitum is one of the world’s leading companies providing products, therapies and services for extracorporeal blood treatment. We specialize in providing treatments systems and solution for hemodialysis patients worldwide. Our network of office spans five continents across the globe to reach our customers. B. Braun Avitum portfolio includes hemodialysis machines for chronic and acute kidney failure, as well as for H.E.L.P apheresis for the treatment of lipometabolic disorder. As a comprehensive provider, we are in the continuous pursuit of improving the quality in our systems, products and services.

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The Aesculap Division focuses on products and services for core processes in surgery. The product range includes among other items surgical instruments for open or minimally invasive approaches, implants (e.g. for orthopaedics, neurosurgery and spinal surgery), surgical sutures, sterile container, storage, motor and navigation systems as well as products for cardiology. The division also actively exchanges knowledge through its international service network and its numerous continuing education programs at the Aesculap Academy.

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Out Patient Market (OPM)

The Out-Patient Market Division is focused on providing products and services for the alternate care sites: clinics, private practitioners, pharmacies, nursing homes and homecare. The broad product portfolio ranges from basic care items to advance items for treatment of chronic illnesses like diabetes and long-term wound care.

TransCare organization is a main driving force to facilitate the early dischargement of patients from the hospitals into the alternate care sites and particularly, to home, reducing overall therapy costs and improving the quality of life for chronically ill patients. From the concept development to implementation, TransCare can help shorten hospital stays. 


Basic care for healthcare providers
Disinfection & hygiene solutions (hand, skin, instruments, surfaces), syringes, needles, basic IV solutions, sutures, IV sets and accessories, examination gloves.

Diabetic care
Blood glucose meters, insulin syringes, pen needles.

Home care
Chronic wound care (irrigation solutions, modern wound dressings), stoma care (1-pc and 2-pc systems), incontinence care.


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