B. Braun Asia Pacific Regional Office

The Asia Pacific Regional team transfers knowledge and technical know-how from our headquarters to the local markets.

Our regional headquarters in Penang, Malaysia, gives B. Braun an accessible base for maintaining good relationships with customers and business partners throughout the region. They also act as the repository for expertise so that the successes enjoyed by certain markets can be replicated across the regions. This team provides highly valued inputs for the sustained growth of the sales and marketing teams in each regional country.


Emerging Market

The term Emerging Markets (EM) was first introduced in the 1980s by then World Bank economist Antoine van Agtmael. Unlike ASEAN or the European Union (EU), EM is not defined by any particular geographical area or economic strength. It is generally felt that countries classified under this category are in a transitional phase - from a developing country to a developed one.

B. Braun is keen on sharing different levels of expertise with the developing, developed and emerging markets as these markets will have different requirements. Healthcare markets are expected to grow both now and in the long term – worldwide. This is because, on the one hand, societies are growing older – particularly in developed countries – with people requiring more and more medical products. On the other hand, there is a great demand from emerging markets anxious to “catch up” with regard to healthcare and it is anticipated that they will enjoy an increasing role in the world economy.