Same standards for all markets

Our primary concern is towards the well-being of people. Thus, we have firmly integrated quality assurance processes into all areas of our operations: from idea to marketplace, every B. Braun product undergoes numerous stringent tests. 

We are proud to be able to offer products of identical quality worldwide. Therefore, our efforts are channelled towards developing products and services unparallelled in quality and reliability. With this in mind, we adopt the most stringent guidelines that focus on refined manufacturing practices via "Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and quality of products through adherence and achievement of international quality standards certifications.

Manufacturing Practices

Our pre-eminent concern as a manufacturer of medical products is the well-being of mankind. We are keenly aware of this responsibility, which forms the basis for the planning and operation of B. Braun manufacturing processes. We also place great emphasis on the highest standard of quality.

The most important pillars in achieving these objectives are high-quality raw materials, modern technologies, strict attention to hygiene and a highly qualified workforce. In addition, continuous controls in the various stages of manufacturing guarantee the consistent high quality of our finished products.

As a "citizen of society," B. Braun takes every precaution to ensure that our manufacturing methods are compatible with the environment and do no unnecessary harm