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Annual Savings Potential of 735 000 € 

Establishing trust and understanding through constructive collaboration adds value in many ways. Clinical staff benefit from extensive knowledge, services, efficient products, and tools. Clinic managers gain transparency in operating processes – as well as in financial terms. Innovative products, individually tailored product systems, and optimized processes decrease treatment costs, improve treatment quality and increase patient satisfaction.

Benefits that are quantifiable: together with one of our German partner hospitals, we saved 735,000 euros per annum just focusing on infusion management.

Optimized infusion management

Education on methods

Almost 50%1 of the expenses of a contemporary ICU arise in the area of infusion therapy. The Aesculap Academy – a B. Braun company – provides education on methods aiming at improving patient safety and efficiency.

Saving potential

Up to 735,000 € is the annual saving potential of optimized infusion management which was identified in a systempartnership project with a German hospital (1,000 beds, maximum care).

Costumer voices

"When we started partnering with B. Braun, we decided to focus on infusion management first. We selected IV therapy because it is given many times on every ward, so it was suspected to have a high optimization potential. The consultants of B. Braun came very close to this. Today we have not only reduced the costs of IV therapy but we have increased patient satisfaction to the same extent as well." Hospital Manager, Germany


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