Original-Perfusor® Syringe 50 ml

3-piece syringe for infusion pumps

  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Highly transparent barrel
  • High contrast graduation
    • Permanent marking
    • Easily readable
    • Graduation in ml
  • Centric Luer Lock cone for the attachment of a needle or for connection with other medical products (infusion tubing)
  • Oval grip plate for better handling of the syringe and for prevention of rolling
  • Safe plunger backstop to prevent unintentional withdrawal of plunger from barrel
  • Reduced residual volume
  • Plunger stopper with double sealing ring for slow aspiration or infusion of drug solutions, made of synthetic material (natural latex-free)
  • Modifications of syringes with photo-resistant barrel for light sensitive drugs
  • Available with aspiration needle
  • Aspiration needle with or without integrated particle filter 15 µm