Sternum Retractors (Mammaria Retractors)

Retractor for coronary bypass surgery

This retractor facilitate the dissection of the arteria mammaria for coronary bypass. Due to the retractor combined spreading and lifting effects the side of arteria mammaria dissection is automatically elevated while keeping the thorax open.


Used as sternum retractor

This spreader can be used optionally in cranial or caudal position. As the retractor is used in cranial position the bend up arms show away from the patient´in order to protect the neck form pressure.


Used for preparation of the arteria mammaria interna 

The side of the sternum, where the arteria mammaria interna shall be dissected is lifted up automatically due to the spreading effect of the retractor. The result is an easier preparation of the arteria mammaria interna.


Mammaria Retractor consisting of

  • Retractor only
  • Mammaria blade complete with holding blades left and right
  • Pair of sternum blades