Askina® Barrier Film

Lasting skin protection for ostomy and wound care

Askina® Barrier Film is a rapid drying, transparent, breathable skin barrier that brings 48 to 72 hours protection to intact or damaged skin. 

Prevents skin breakdown caused by moisture:

  • Protection of vulnerable areas or sensitive, fragile skin: heels, elbows, toes, hips
  • Protection of incontinent patients’ skin

Protects skin at risk from maceration and excoriation:

  • Periwound skin
  • Peristomal area

Maintains the integrity of newly healed skin.


Easy to use:

  • Dries after 30 seconds after application on the skin.
  • Odor-free 30 seconds after application.
  • Pump action enables product to be applied to skin from most angles (approx. 140 pumps).



  • Does not leave a tacky residue on the skin when dry.
  • Remains clear on the skin.


Indicated for protecting intact or damaged skin from body fluids in the areas of:

  • Incontinence skin care
  • Peri-stomal skin protection
  • Peri-wound skin protection

Askina® Barrier Film may be used on adults, children and infants over 12 weeks old.

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