Mini-Spike® 2

Vented dispensing pin with swabable needle-free access valve (0.45µm air filter).

Vented dispensing pin with swabable needle-free access valve for injections and withdrawals of non-toxic fluids from containers (i.e. glass vials, semi-rigid and glass containers).
Featured with an integrated air filter (0,45µm).

Protection against the risk of chemical contamination:

  • Bacteria retentive 0.45µm air filter reduces contamination of drug with environmental air
  • Swabable valve reduces the risk of drug spillage

Protection against sharps injury through needle-free technology

Protection against the risk of microbiological contamination

  • Swabable valve automatically closes upon disconnection of syringe
  • Needle-free access valve easy to swab with alcohol pad (i.e. Softa®-Cloth CHX 2%) thanks to its flat surface

More time for patients or operative tasks

Integrated air vent making over-pressure release techniques unnecessary

  • Compatible with Luer-Lock and Luer-Slip
  • Allows multiple access for direct aspiration or fluid injection
  • Consistent flow rate
  • Two-lumen spike fitting with common vials and containers
  • Designed to ensure clean, leak-proof and convenient injections and withdrawals

Protection against DEHP exposure

  • Product is PVC-, DEHP, and Latex-free