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SAP Ariba - Information for suppliers

B. Braun Medical Industries Sdn. Bhd. Company registration number: 197401001922 (19051–M) (BMI) has brought forth a new platform in order to optimize future procurement processes for a more efficient collaboration with our suppliers with the focus on the digital exchange of documents.

SAP Ariba will be launched as our main procurement tool for indirect goods and services.

By using the SAP Ariba, you agree to be bound by the Terms of Use found here.

BMI would like to confirm that all existing purchase orders will continue to be governed by the existing contract and/or our general terms and conditions at The supplier shall not reject any purchase order issued by BMI and must perform the supply of such products and/or such services specified therein in accordance with the existing terms and conditions.

BMI will only send the purchase orders to a single email address. It is the suppliers’ responsibility to provide a single email address as communication channel and to forthwith inform BMI of any changes to the email address. 

Kindly be informed that you will be receiving two types of order notifications in the future;

Please inform your IT Personnel to include these email addresses to your email server whitelist to avoid PO transmission error.

What is the Ariba Network?

The Ariba Network is an online platform which allows an efficient and effective collaboration between suppliers and buyers.

At the moment, BMI is using Ariba Network for our ordering process (Phase 1). BMI will order indirect goods and services through SAP Ariba. Suppliers will receive the purchase order and perform order confirmation via Ariba Network.

 The payment process will migrate to Ariba Network in the future (phase 2). Therefore, current payment process remains unchanged.

For more information on what is Ariba Network, please visit the Ariba website listed here.

B. Braun Ariba Supplier Enablement Team
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