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Nutrition therapy for intensive care patients

The B. Braun product system offers a convenient and risk reducing solution for enhanced patient safety through the entire clinical nutrition process. It is an essential part in order to improve health and quality of life of every single patient who is depended in receiving nutrition. We identified standard steps which represent usual processes in nutrition therapy. 

For critically ill patients, B. Braun is offering a wide range of products for every single process step in nutrition therapy. The products are designed to meet the needs of the healthcare workers with regards to efficiency and risk reduction.


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Clinical nutrition in the ICU, the nutritional regimens and the optimal pathway of delivery is decided based on the patient characteristics ensuring an adequate nutrition support.

B. Braun offers a wide range of parenteral and enteral solutions and services to cover the specific needs of the ICU patient.

Patient Access

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After the physician has chosen a dedicated nutritional strategy, he will prepare the patient for the appropriate access route.

According to the required ICU treatment and the corresponding nutrition therapy the appropriate access route will be defined.

Enteral Access

B. Braun is working with the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA) to help introduce new international standards to reduce the risk of medical device tubing misconnections. The new enteral nutrition Feeding Tube range was designed with the ENFit™ connector to meet these standards and enhance patient safety.

Parenteral Access

Based on the parenteral nutrition prescribed the patient access (peripheral /central venous) is chosen. Most parenteral nutrition solution are of high osmolarity and thus require a central venous line. However, special formulas for peripheral application are also offered.


Preparation/ Compounding

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In this step the prescribed products are prepared for subsequent parenteral and/or enteral application. B. Braun supports this step for the parenteral solution by providing easy to mix multi-chamber bags, supplements, and tools to secure compatibility. The enteral diets are delivered as ready to use solutions.


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The prior defined nutrition route is decisive for the application of clinical nutrition. Infusion pumps with dedicated sets for enteral and/or parenteral nutrition solutions enable the correct and safe administration. For patients with stress induced hyperglycaemia, glucose management systems help control the blood glucose levels in order to prevent hyper- and hypoglycaemia as well as blood glucose variability.